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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dylan is another "graduate" of the "Grow with Me" photography plan.  I just love getting to know the families and seeing the kiddos grow and mature.  My all time favorite shot of Dylan would have to be this one:
 This image really pushed my editing skills as this was 3 different images put into one final image.  Safety is always the MOST important thing when photographing babies!!  Little Dylan was NEVER suspended from the tree branch and in fact, the tree branch was not even there the day they arrived.  I had taken the tree branch shot the week before!

Dylan was always so cooperative during all his sessions over the year, and now that he turned one, he decided to give us all a little workout!  True to the one-year old nature, he was not happy to sit and have his picture taken!  He wanted to roam and play!!  I am glad his parents were realistic about what we were going to be able to photograph, but really, I think it all turned out wonderfully.  His cake smash was a lot of fun, although he was not really excited about getting the frosting on his fingers :-).

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rosalind is ONE!!!

Okay, I am probably the worst blogger EVER!  I keep up so well with Facebook and with my website, yet I tend to let this blog fall behind.  Task of the week is to bring me up to speed on all the sessions I've had recently.  February and March were slow months for me because I had surgery and was not able to work.  Rosalind was my first session after I was able to work again.  I've had the privilege of photographing this sweet little girl for the past year.  I love seeing the newborns turn into these full of life one year olds!!  It does not seem possible this was a year ago!

But here she is at one........Rosalind!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I love unique senior sessions and I think that's what seniors are striving for when they choose a photographer, their outfits, locations, etc.  I think Alex chose winter for this reason and I think we got some great images!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I will admit I am biased about this pottery as one of my best friends ever is the potter.  However, this stuff really is awesome!  I have been collecting this pottery for about 21 years now, and I still have the very first piece I purchased and it gets used MANY times a day.  The first piece I purchased was a hand soap dispenser, which I keep in my kitchen and use it for dish detergent.  These dishes are the only ones I use.  I collect the pine pattern, but there are many different patterns for many different styles and decors.  Please go to her website or FB page and see for yourself!


Welcome to the world, Haley!!  How precious she is!!  Haley is my great niece.  The purple tutu outfit was purchased last fall when Haley's grandma and I went to a craft show.  It fits her perfectly!


I love babies, but I especially love 6-9 month old babies!  It's always been my favorite time of that first incredible year.  Stetson, who happens to be my great nephew, is 9 months old.  He did awesome for his session and was so cooperative! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Tracy and her family were hoping for a few outdoor shots, but as fate would have it, it was about -11 below zero on the day of their session. I don't even know if my camera would perform well with those kinds of temperatures - let alone my fingers!   We did get some great indoor shots though - in the nice warm studio :-).   Here are a few from their session: